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For the square pegs in round holes.
For the rebels, change makers and leaders-to-be. 

For the Adventurous at Heart.

Cutting edge coaching and nutritional science for lifestyle and behavior change. 

For those living with gut issues and chronic autoimmune disease who desire greater energy, vitality, joy and personal alignment with who they truly are. I've worked with men and women of all ages. 

From triathletes to truck drivers. From those struggling with degenerative autoimmune disorders
who are often bed, house or wheelchair bound, to those who run, cycle and swim further than most of us mere mortals can wrap our heads around.

I work with those who are cut from a different cloth.
They break the mold. And they feel, within themselves, an unmistakable twinge of destiny. 

I believe that we are all so much more than our current limitations; that the desires that burn in our hearts are not here to taunt us, but to inspire us to rise above and grow into the fullness of ourselves,
not despite our journey, but because of it.

Sound appealing? 

Consider this your formal invitation. 

Let's dive in...


"Cat has extraordinary

abilities and intuition, as well as solidly-researched skills and expertise to help you find the roots of illness and wellness.

She skillfully but gently works with you to identify practical steps towards your increasingly vibrant health, self-esteem, nutritional wellness and freedom from chronic inflammation.

I believe she has medical intuitive abilities.

I have benefited so many times from her abilities, and cannot recommend her highly enough.

This woman is amazing!"

~ Client Confidential; PhD

"My wife and I were apprehensive about the major life change needed for significant weight loss, but we had no reason to be.

Cat was amazing from the start!
She communicated complicated information into highly productive coaching sessions.

She listened attentively and was quick to provide what we needed to help us remain on target.

 This supreme level of attentiveness, care and communication is increasingly rare in an often-distracted world.
I was notably pleased by her tenacity on behalf of others.

Her selflessness is a foremost feature. 

She is a bright-shining beacon of positivity, truth and goodwill in our community.

I give her my highest praise and recommendation!"

~ Eric Schoonmaker


"I met Cat
when she was 25 and was amazed at the depth of wisdom
packed into one so young.

She helped me profoundly through one of the toughest parts of my life.


She is a truly phenomenal human being.

She is present.
She is lateral-thinking.
She is tough.
She is gentle. She is loving.
She is perceptive.
She is multi-dimensional.

She is magical.

Anyone working with Cat is fortunate indeed."

~ Nicky Newman

documentary filmmaker

& photographer

"I have had the absolute joy of knowing Cat since High School.

Her open mindedness and warm heart made her an instant and life long friend whom I admire greatly.

She brightens any room with her smile and hugs, and is an empathetic listener who is always there for you when you need her.

Cat's work ethic is admirable and her dedication to others is unlike anything I have experienced before.


She is crazy and intelligent, funky and calming, inspiring and incredibly kind.

She's simply the best!"

~ Megan Sivewright,
school teacher




An 'Indomitable Spirit' stems from an almighty determination to rise above our circumstances.


It invokes rigorous courage, exploration and a practical, can-do attitude.
At Indomitable Spirit, we acknowledge the process and balance fierceness with gentleness and vulnerability.

Health begets so much else.
It comes from what we eat and drink, our beliefs, thoughts and emotions,

our environment, our genetics, stress levels and relationships.
It can be affected by our relationship with our ourselves, our jobs, time and money.

We comb out and remedy this for you.
In essence, we get into and loosen the knots that hold you back and keep you stuck.
If desired,we work on meal plans as well as behavioral and lifestyle changes.
We delve into what you really need to elevate your experience of life as a whole. 

Single sessions and 3 month packages are available.
Please see the 'services' and 'packages' tabs for details!


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